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On the Scales


Reset your appestat.

Retrain your body. 

Reach your goal.

Tired of fad diets? Struggling with problem areas? Working out constantly without the results? Frustrated by the scale?

Change your relationship with food and lose 20-50 pounds in just 6 weeks!

The hCG Diet: Welcome



To best understand the hCG Diet, it’s important to first acknowledge the three types of fat that exist in our body:

  1. Structural Fat – keeps our skin looking resilient while providing protection and support for the organs, cell walls, insulation for the nerves, brain matter etc.

  2. Accessible Fat Stores – for nourishment in times of famine, which includes (for most of us) the extra fat around our backs, arms, shoulders, chests, waists, stomachs and hips

  3. “Locked-in”/Inaccessible Fat – these fat stores are not easily accessed; this is where the dangerous, stubborn, diet-resistant fat deposits reside in the love handles, butt, thighs, in/around arteries and inside the abdominal cavity.

The “locked-in” compartment is the type of fat traditional weight loss regimes can miss. Rather than tackle the inaccessible fat, people often lose the healthy fats. Enter the hCG Diet.


The hCG Diet program is based on the premise that being overweight is a metabolic and hormonally-related issue. Unlike other diets, it tackles the “locked-in” compartment of fat using a three-pronged approach.

  1. Hormonal support via hCG drops – taken three times a day (for 4-6 weeks), this hormone causes the mobilization of inaccessible fat stores and makes them available for use, pouring thousands of calories of nourishment into the blood stream. In other words, your body will start to burn and live off previously inaccessible fats.

  2. A Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) – this 4-6 week diet (while simultaneously taking the hCG drops) is essential as it forces the body to access the fat reserves for its energy and metabolic needs. Since the body now has access to its fat stores, cutting back on the caloric intake allows the body to burn these non-essential fats while it gets essential protein by eating only a very specific list of foods.

  3. Maintenance Phase – a 2-3 week period (post the 4-6 week hCG/VLCD); a critical portion of the program vital to permanently heal your metabolism, resetting your body’s weight set-point and your hypothalamic “appestat” which is your appetite control center or your “appetite thermostat.” Once completed, it allows you to maintain your new weight.


If you’re willing to commit! This unbelievable success rate is due to our comprehensive guide, medical supervision/support and the addition of the hCG drops. Get ready to change your relationship with food forever! Call 973-403-9911 for pricing.

The hCG Diet: FAQ
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