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Testimonials: Testimonials

Top quality care with personalized attention. The entire team, led by Jim and Sean go to great lengths to ensure that all forms of therapy are on point and successful. They work tirelessly to ensure that each patient's need/injury is addressed in a way to ensure that treatment is tailored to the individual.  It is not just a matter of getting someone out of pain, but also of allowing that person to return to a quality of life prior to a surgery or injury. The entire team is personable and affable, making each visit enjoyable despite the hard work involved. Yes, the exercises can be difficult and some of the treatments uncomfortable.  However, it is all geared towards healing, I've been to PT/Chrio facilities that are simply cash factories.  Get the people in with an experienced therapist for a session or two and then pass that patient down the line to an entry-level practitioner.  This is NOT that place.  You receive top level therapy with every visit.  Treatments evolve based on need and recovery. My recovery from surgery is going great, thanks to the top quality care I've received.”

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